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iWave Air Cleaner and Neutralizer for Both Residential and Commercial Applications


NOW OFFERING! After receiving requests for various technologies to mitigate the presence of a virus, particularly Covid-19, we now offer iWave Air Cleaners for both residential and commercial applications. Bring health, wellness and security to your home or business by being ionization ready with the iWave Air Cleaner and Neutralizer. 
This new innovative device eliminates viruses, mold and bacteria by charging (ionizing) the air to make air particles stick together. Let your customers know you are keeping them safe, and keep your loved ones healthy at home with this wonderful new device. Here at Therm-A-Trol we breathe better than ever now with the iWave in our office!
Simply add the iWave to your current heating or cooling system. The iWave Air Cleaner and Neutralizer self cleans every three (3 days) and does the following through an ionization process:

A 3-year warranty comes with installation for residential and commercial iWave units installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. Contact us for information on getting the iWave for your home or business!

iWave-R (Residential) & iWave-C (Commercial) Air Cleaner and Neutralizer

How it Works:

iWave gets installed into return or supply of ductwork and is available for both residential and
commercial applications. iWave cleans air to make it free from airborne mold, bacteria and
viruses, allergens, air particles, VOCs, smoke, pet odors, and cooking odors. Blue light
equipment (not shown here) cleans surfaces only, and does not clean air; iWave is an air cleaner
and neutralizer.

The Cleaning Process

iWave technology uses an ionization process to attract particles and
bunches them together into a bigger mass for easy filtering. iWave self-cleans every three (3)
days via a brush that cleans the electrodes on the outside of the unit. These electrodes attract
particles from the air and collect them together for an effective filtration process, leaving the air
clean and neutralized.

What it Does:

Does not:

Installation: The iWave Cleaner can be installed one of two ways. A magnet function attaches
iWave to certain equipment with ease in a non-invasive manner, or it can be screwed onto the
surface of equipment for installation.
iWave-Residential: (accommodates a 1-6 ton system)
iWave-Commercial: (accommodates a 6-12 ton system)
A 3-year warranty comes with installation for both residential and commercial iWave units
installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. An iWave model for ductless units is also available.
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Note: We continue to research what is being mandated by the State and our local government regarding air purification, and at this point in time, there is no written law stating any device is mandatory. Please be cautious of sales gimmicks stating otherwise.